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Classic Philosophy For The Modern Man By Andrew Lynn

Andrew Lynn is a lawyer, writer, and author of the ‘Classics for the Modern Man’ series. His mission as writer is to draw upon classic texts and traditional wisdom in order to help us answer the most profound questions that we face as human beings.

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Classics for the Modern Man Series

The “Classics for the Modern Man” series introduces to modern readers the most powerful works of practical wisdom from the great thinkers of the past. Each volume comprises lively and modern introductions followed by carefully selected and edited extracts from the original works.

This series provides a vital link to the past for a generation cut off from the wisdom of its own ancestors.


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Shakespeare Tales Series

Shakespeare Tales” is a five-volume series providing engaging and readable prose versions of Shakespeare’s complete works, preserving as far as possible for the modern reader Shakespeare’s original language and mood.

This totally new edition presents the tales as retold in prose by Charles and Mary Lamb, Arthur Quiller-Couch, Harrison Morris, and Winston Stokes, each genre and tale being preceded by a fresh and thought-provoking introduction for the twenty-first-century reader.

The series includes not only the comedies and tragedies, but also the tragicomedies, Roman tales, and English histories. Each volume is sumptuously illustrated with the classic illustrations of Sir John Gilbert.


We are all in search of answers to the mystery of human achievement. Why do some people excel while others do not? In answering that question, Generativity will take you on a journey from the ancient Zoroastrians and the secret gospels of Nag Hammadi to the most recent scientific insights on expertise and peak performance.

Tracing the stories of outstanding individuals in the light of both traditional wisdom and modern science, Generativity examines the universal source of superior achievement in athletics, art, science, music, scholarship, politics, and business.


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