Theravada Buddhism and Thailand’s National Museum

One of the most thought-provoking things to do when you find yourself in a foreign country is to pay a visit to its national museum. Objectively speaking, of course, some national museums will be better than others. But it’s not only the scale or quality of the displays and exhibitions that matters. Of just as […]

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Bantu Philosophy

One of the most inspiring and intriguing books on African spirituality is called simply Bantu Philosophy. I wanted to include passages from Bantu Philosophy in my book, Classic Spirituality for the Modern Man, both because it would have been great to have African spirituality represented, and because of its own intrinsic interest, but unfortunately copyright […]

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Emei Mountain, Folktales, and Living Better

One of the main themes in my writing is how we can draw on traditional wisdom to improve our lives. Sometimes the traditional wisdom to which we can look is philosophy, and when that is the case its purpose and significance will often be self-explanatory. Sometimes the traditional wisdom is found in the great spiritual […]

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What Is the Perennial Philosophy?

One of the reviewers of Classic Spirituality for the Modern Man pointed out that it draws upon and reflects the ‘Perennial Philosophy’. This is a very astute observation. But what is the Perennial Philosophy? Let me suggest that there is a narrow view and an expanded view. The narrow view encapsulates the single core realization […]

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Shakespeare Tales

I am pleased to be able to announce that a new series of books is being finalized in the next few months. These will be prose versions of Shakespeare’s tales – all 37 of them. Each tale is provided with a fresh modern introduction. They will be released in five separate volumes: Comedies Tragedies Tragicomedies […]

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